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"Alicia's patterns
are organically
influenced by her
keen observation of nature. Any pain is obscured by the
beauty of both the artist and her work."

-Theresa Girard

I've had an innate drive to create artwork ever since I can remember, from making cards for birthdays or teaching myself to draw at age seven, by copying disney characters. The sense of fulfillment and empowerment that making art provided from a very young age still remains incomparable. Today I draw inspiration from everyday life, especially observing the endless shapes, colors and juxtapositions in nature. I grew up and live in Westerly, Rhode Island, a New England seaside town and am fortunate enough to experience the visual depth that the four seasons affords. The balance, rhythm and harmony in the natural world is what intrigues me most, and if I can impart this essence into my work, I’m happy.




I began painting in college and graduated in 1994 with a BFA from the University of Rhode Island. After graduating, my path led me into graphic design and I’ve been working in the field ever since. There was a large span of time, while immersed in graphic design, that I set painting aside. I was spending so much time on the computer that I really longed to have the physical movement of making art with my hands. So, out of self care and my interest in art for healing and transformation, I decided to dedicate time to paint again. I've never looked back.



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