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Artist Statement

My work is a moving meditation that merges positive and negative emotions to find wellness and peace within. My internal consciousness is achieved through projecting color, movement and texture solely based on what’s inside. I combine my heart and intellect and create contemporary abstract paintings with an intuitive sensibility.

When I paint, tools, color and expression seem to choose me, as I reflect inward.
The fluidity of the paint carries me effortlessly over the canvas. I become lost in the process of creation and the end result reminds me of where I was in the act of creating. The natural order that occurs rhythmically within me, when expressed feels analogous to patterns in nature, music and dance–all things I love.

My current work is my life experience and a reflection of where I am in the present moment. Each painting is a series of layers and patterns. I explore my heart while letting go of judgement and preconceived notions. A sense of freedom is always achieved. I know a painting is complete when inner peace prevails.

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